Did guy enjoy the date?

How should I interpret his post-date response?

So I went on a first date with this incredible guy... We had dinner, then went on a "haunted walk" -- a tour of haunted places in the city. We linked arms the whole time, joked around, hid in prison cells together (and kissed in one of them)...

Then, after the tour was done, we went for drinks and talked for another hour or so, and "I'd like to get to know you better" and "what are some other cool things we could do?" came up in conversation. Then, he drove me home and we kissed good night.

The next day (today), I sent him a text saying "Just wanted to say thanks again for last night... I had a great time with you!" In retrospect, I should have called, not texted, but it's too late now...

Anyway, then he replied with "Thank you for the haunted walk! I really enjoyed it! Have fun with your friends tonight." But he never mentioned anything about hanging out again...

Does this mean that the date didn't go as well as I thought it did? Or might he still call me to arrange another date at a later point? What do you think?


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  • In all honesty, you're coming across as very keen (in my eyes), you want to chill, be more flirtatious and less complimentry and cute. ''We linked arms the whole time''... really?!?! You both enjoyed this? You were both comfortable with this?!?! And you've been lurking in prisons lol :)

    If I were you, I'd let him do a bit of the work, let him initiate contact a bit. Don't mention another date until he speaks about it. As you said, you kissed, it's a promising sign. Don't extinguish the flame before it's had chance to burn properly if you know what I mean


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  • First of all that sounded like a fun date :) grats.

    I probably would of mentioned going out another night if I were him... hmm

    I really don't see the point in going through all that with a girl and having a good time if you don't plan on doing something again so I'd say your odds are good. Maybe he's trying to go slow and not rushing into one thing right after another, ya know?

    • That's the thing - I feel like if he weren't attracted to me, he wouldn't have kissed me, and if he wasn't having a good time, then he wouldn't have suggested extending the date by going for drinks afterward, mentioning getting to know me better, and talking about other things that "we" should do... But then he didn't make new plans with me... And now I'm confused. I guess only time will tell.

    • I see and yea that's true. Well I think he'll mention it eventually and I'll hope for the best too :) Try not to worry yourself too hard over it though!

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  • Don't stress -he'll probably arrange to meet up with you later. Calling too soon might make him seem desperate (in his mind) which is the last vibe he'd want to give off if he was really into you.

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