Random text from a girl?

If you got a random text with just a <3 in it from a girl you like, how would that make you feel? Would it make you smile and want to see her again soon? What would you do if you got one?


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  • I would expect a follow up text, because you never know if its someone else behind the phone, so confirmation it was the girl I liked sending it would be essential before I responded

  • If it genuinely WAS from that girl, and not someone else who was using the phone, it would definitely make me happy and want to see her/write her back!

    But again, if I didn't know whether or not she liked me back, and it was just a random text, I might get even more confused, and would seek a bit of clearing up, either by asking her or just overthinking why she sent it XD

    • Well, we're seeing each other and I sometime tend to send him random cute texts like that, and he knows it would be from just me and no one else :)

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