He is the one who initiated everything?

There is this guy in my group of friends who, almost a month ago while we were on fall break, started to text me and tell me that he had feelings for me and I secretly did too but I didn't want to say anything to any of my friends but I did tell him that I felt the same way. So we talked for the next couple days over break and he kept asking me if I wanted something out of us talking and I told him that I wouldn't mind it but before we started moving too fast that I just wanted me and him to hang out. So the Sunday night that we got back to school me and him ended up watching a movie in my room and everything was fine. No one in our group of friends knew about it until one night they saw me and him walking together and then they finally all realized it but they were happy about it.

So me and him kept hanging out as usual but then like 2 weeks ago he texted me and told me that he didn't know what he wanted and he felt like we rushed things and all this other stuff. I wasn't mad but I was just kind of confused but we worked everything out and we still hung out together and everything. Well just this past week I asked him if he wanted to hang out and watch a movie and he was being really short with me so I asked him if he was okay because I kept getting the feeling he didn't want to talk to me anymore and he was just kind of over everything. So he told me that he just doesn't know what he wants and he doesn't know what I want and that he is super stressed out with school and then he went on to say that it isn't that he doesn't want to talk to me but he just needs his space to hang out with some guys. So I told him that I completely understand that and I told him that I am in the exact same boat when it comes to school and he just told me that he felt bad now but he didn't say why.

The past few nights he hasn't texted me at all anymore which he always did and when I would text him to tell him something he would be super short with me. I know that his phone is messed up and he can barely see on it so I don't know if that is to blame or what but I don't know what I'm suppose to think.

He is the one who initiated everything so he obviously wanted something but now he is kind of at a standstill with everything. I don't know what I should do!

Help please :)


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  • He isn't interested in you anymore, long story short after you guys were with each other for a short while something happened where he just wasn't feeling it anymore. It could have absolutely nothing to do with you by the way; it's better to find someone who LIKES being with you and not just for 2 weeks. Good luck!