I'm afraid to tell him I have cerebral palsy?

I met this super hot guy and he wants to go out on a date but I'm afraid to tell him I have cerebral palsy?

Hi OK so my boyfriend and I broke up which was devastating so I joined a dating website and I have been texting this guy for a few days and he's super hot like his body is unreal... Only problem is I'm pretty sure he just wants sex from me. Which I mean with his body I don't even care I would let him take my virginity lol. So we are going out the weekend I come back from my internship and I know we will probably have sex. I am afraid to tell him I have cerebral palsy even though I know he will see if we go out because I walk different and use a cane but I don't want it to be a deal breaker. I like him he is nice and I'm shocked that someone so attractive is actually attracted to me. What do I do, how do I tell him, how do you think he will react? Can I just surprise him with that when we go out? Omg I'm gonna lose the hot guy!

I think I'm gonna text him tonight and tell him I'm scared lol


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  • If someone I was truly interested in had cerebral palsy, I would still go out with her...

    But here is the thing.

    You need to let him know up front.

    If she "surprised" me with something like that. That would make me step back a bit.

    Not for the fact that she had cerebral palsy, but the fact that she decided to keep that from me just to get a date.

    Let him make the decision ahead of time. If he doesn't mind, than you don't have to feel like you have something to hide(which you shouldn't). But if that's a deal breaker for him. Then he simply wasn't the guy for you.


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  • I would not sleep with a new social enounter on first meeting unless she were a paid sex worker. Not even a fetching lass like you, Lucky.


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  • stop putting him on a pedestal. that's an easy way for a guy to play you because they can sense when you think they're higher than u. just tell him, kinda ease it into conversation or if he asks say it like its not a big deal.