What not to say while texting a guy?

i feel like I'm always so awkward when I text I guy, and I always think of something better to say after I send the message. What should I not say, and what are some things I can say to keep the conversation going or something to say when I have no clue what I should be saying and help would be appreciated :)


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  • ahha. a few things.

    first of all don't pick flaming arguement topics. one no one is going to win in. those are horrible.

    honestly. there are a lot of things I could say here- but I'll keep it simple: don't text anything you wouldn't say in life. xD

    alright- and after that- if the conversation is dieing- just be spontaneous and start another thing! guys love it when you do that.


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  • Ok, the key here is to JUST HAVE FUN.

    Dont try to impress the guy, it will always come out wrong. Always text when you are ina good mood and HAVE FUN.

    Everything will then come natural.

    Like if your happy, text happy and perky.

    If you are excited, texts excited (use lots of faces),

    If you are horny, text flirty.

    If you are upset, don't even bother to text.

    JUST HAVE FUN. I promise you'll see a difference.


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  • I have this problem and I have a way to test all my texts. so write the text close your phone and wait about thirty seconds as if you actually sent the text. This gives your brain time to process what you would say and makes it sound like your not to focused on texting him and have other things your doing