Why do I have bad luck with girls?

I'm a confident good looking well groomed Guy. I have personality and all that. But girls always have an excuse to not date me I don't know why? Its making me want to give up.


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  • Do you come across as cocky or arrogant?

    • No maiden I'm actually more humble. But I have my days when I'm cocky and arrogant. But why do you ask?

    • Because women don't care for cockiness or arrogance. It reminds them of players

      and it is a turn off (hope your not ). You seem to have to right qualities otherwise. Focus on the confidence vs cockiness. Be a good listener and attentive and you should have no problems :)

    • No I'm not a player and that's why I say its bad luck because I have my flaws but I have everything that at least one girl should want.

  • link

    i found this helpful...check it out. maybe look at the female version too.


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