How can/do you keep a woman you're dating 'at bay' with the amount of time she wants to spend together

I mean, as a guy, sure you like the woman that you're dating, but liking someone doesn't mean that you want to spend every moment together. Of course many women understand this, to a degree. But what I'm asking here is how do you as a guy get even more time by yourself without it leading to any problems?

You don't want to keep saying no to her (when she calls looking to get together), but you need your space. How would women like us guys to come at you as far as getting more space (even when you think you've already given us enough space)?

I've had women grieve to me that 'you never want to see me first!' 'you hardly call to set up dates'. But like I'm saying here, it's like they come on so often trying to set up get togethers between us that I got hardly additional initiative to see her any more in that week. Say I'll want to see her between 3 and 4 times that week: well she looks to set things up for 5 meetings during the week! This means that I'm probably gonna turn down at least one of the meetings she set up;
.. so of course I'm probably not gonna call and try to see her first on top of what she already initiated through that week.


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  • Can I ask why you need so much time? Recently my boyfriend got pissed at me for the same reason as your question, now its been 3 days and he still hasn't contacted me...


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