I'm moving too fast and she thinks I'm falling harder?

Wtf is this sh*t my girlfriend texted me a paragraph saying I'm to good and a amazing guy but I will do better than her wtf I'm so raged right now she said she has feelings for me but sense I'm moving too fast and she thinks I'm falling harder she wants to end it f*** I hate women...do I respond or just never speak to her again I'm done with this bullsh*t


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  • F*** that bro.

    Thats a line girls use to crush a dudes heart.

    Dont even worry about it, there are billions of girls in the world and she is just one of them.

    You can find a way better gf.

    I say don't contact her and let her burn. Then get yourself together, start working out, and show her up while you are with a hotter girl and let her get f***ed up inside.

    Girls can be bitches I know.

    • Thanks for the advice bro! I have my sh*t together about to be promoted at work making 1G a week at my age it's only going to get better I already took her out on so many activities rock climbing boating sky diving all these things romantic dates spent a lot on her she's 19 so good luck to her finding some punk who makes wage at $8.50 a hour I make 4x that it's not all about money I understand that but it sucks cause I don't do that for anyone I was fully committed to her

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    • im not implying you need to hurt any one physically or emotionally, but you should be the guy girls want to chase after, you no? And don't give them 100%, let them know that they can be replaced in a second if they f*** you over.

      That way you arnt just some guy. You are different becuase girls are used to the attention. They want what they can't have.

    • Ok I guess il try that out thanks for the advice

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  • Well if you're "done with this bullsh*t" then don't bother contacting her. It sounds like some sh*t excuse that she really didn't want to be the mean one and break up so basically makes it sound like she's doing it for your betterment.

    • I don't get it all this sh*t she cares has feelings yet I'm way to good for her I think you're right she's trying to be nice about it. F***that I'm done being the nice guy all my player friends got girls who are nutss about them and this is what I get for nice guy so no contact ever would be the best way to really stick it to her badly?

    • I'm not sure about so much "sticking it to her", but just to move on quickly. Unless of course she ever wants you back then you can be kinda like "...f*** you".

  • ahhhh the old it's not you it's me hahah yea dude f*** her

    • Ya I guess that's what it is, wow I'm 23 and this is the first time I got this line so ya I'm pissed off! I really would love to tell her off but she did it threw text I doubt she would answer plus im

      just going to be the better Man and walk away forever I think that's the best thing I could do at this point she might not care but at least I have my dignity

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    • Ya I' wouldn't go all crazy high school but I'd have some good choice words that would probably sting sense she said she was so ready for a relationship and really cared about me her words but ya forget it I'd be wasting my breath... Why do girls who obviously aren't ready for a guy who treats them right act like they want a commitment then pull this sh*t to not saying she but probably go for a scrub ass guy who treats them like sh*t I see it happen so much but now I'm in it lol

    • yea man it's the truth, she probably took your kindness as weakness and girls want the alpha male lol

  • she just needed a nicer way to break up with you. move on

  • When she says you're too good, she's lying to you.

    "I'm so raged right now"

    "f*** I hate women"

    I wonder why she would have felt it necessary to lie. Afraid of you perhaps?

    If she was being more honest, she might simply have said you're an a**hole with anger issues and she doesn't want to date someone like you. But that might have resulted in her sporting a black eye or a split lip.

    • No never hit a women before so that's wrong.

      I don't really hate women just pissed off cause apparently I wasn't worth her breath just a sh*tty tex very mature of her.

  • she sucks forget about her

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