This guy has also never dated before.

Say you meet an attractive guy he seems pretty confident about life and everything. You add him on Facebook and look through his friends list (about 180 friends)and you can count the number of females on one hand haha. Not only that but you somehow get a hold of his cell phone when he's not looking and look through his contacts and text messages and everyone on his phone is a guy besides his mom.This guy has also never dated before.. would you think he's gay? Maybe somethings not right with him?


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  • I wouldn't think he's gay. Most guys that are gay have a lot of friends that are girls. I would just think that either he has a girlfriend that he doesn't want to of my guy friends had to delete all his female frnds because of his girlfriend. OR I would think he's just not looking for a girl right now OR he mostly hangs out with guys.


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  • No, I think he's a player. No gals on his phone in case he's with a gal and when he's not looking , leaves his phone within her reach he knows she's gonna be sneaky and checkout all his incoming and outgoing calls, messages, etc.


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  • Gay, almost certainly.

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