He was in bed with another girl!

i met this girl few weeks ago. she has a boy friend, but she never refers to him as her boyfriend around me, but around everyone else she does. for the past couple weeks we have been texting every day all day. this past week we have hung every evening and chilled, played halo and talked, and she makes time for it, blowing off other things to hang.

Last night she told me that her boyfriend had been in bed with his best friend who is a girl. I don't remember how that came up. also, apparently she never replied to a text of his to skype him, so he called and she sounded annoyed with him and was like "I'm playing halo with my friend" after she told me the story, I was just like I don't know what to say, but that isn't normal to be IN a bed with a girl like that when you are in a relationship. and she was like yea

apparently when we are hanging out together, even with more people she is always looking at me*not my observation

but I don't know what to do.

i feel like I should bring up what she said the other night and talk to her about her relationship, because I do like her, and she doesn't usually open up and talk about things like that, but at the same time it is a sensitive topic


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  • You can talk to her about it, just approach it sensitively.

    • like ask if she has talked to anyone else?

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    • It's possible that she's planning on breaking up with him, but I think you should know that him being honest does give him an easy angle if he wants to apologize and stay with her. Although I feel like she'd be too smart to listen to him...

    • i can only hope so

  • I've been in bed with two of my best male friends, it was either that or kip on the floor with a couple of cushions and no blanket. Depends on the circumstances, if it's weird or not. Your friend might be a bit upset now, but it may pass pretty fast after a chat with her BF. Then again, she may actually like you, and wants you to broach the subject, it's to you how you want to handle it.

    • were your friends in a relationship at the time?

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    • and what happened?

    • We were drunk, we slept, and nothing happened, in the morning I remember feeling really warm though.

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