Does it matter if who you were dating is Asian or not?

I know some of my friends are not comfortable dating asians

if you would or would not I would like to know why?


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  • i love this question, I may be a scrub on the site but the question is the same no matter the race. personally its all about personal preference and whether or not you are old fashioned. I dated an asian girl for about a year. we broke up though cause of being over such a long distance for so long. but non the less we are still great friends. friends ask me if its ok to date this race, and personally I don't care cause I don't control their lives on what race they like, if the chick/dude is cool, I could care less about the race. hope this helps.


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  • lol @ seabazz... I'm sure not *All* asains are 'mean' 'behind closed doors'. we're talking about half the world here! From many varied cultures I might add! I really don't mean to sound rude, I know a lot of people who say that too (especially friends of mine who are asian, 0_0?) but this is a bit of a silly question.

    why should it mattter? at all?

    so in answer: hell no!

    • Well if you say they are behind closed doors and they are ALL 'mean' for that.At least they have pride and self respect,ohh and congratulations you are just too open,easy come and easy go.

    • Ohh correction..I mean half of them.Yes some of them are traditional because they follow up the culture.I think in this case,you west people should give some respect.I think it's wonderful to being asian, though we might not open,social,party like you.It's just unique.

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  • They are racist. Me I don't like dating Asians only because I grew up in a house full of them and I know how they can be behind closed doors, very mean . Although there are a few I wouldn't mind persueing but again they are a very very very few. Unless these guys grew up like I did. they are probably racist.

    • I'm Asian, so I've also grown up with Asians. I hate to say it, but seabazz has a point. I tend to see that older, more conservative/traditional Asians can be very mean and racist. As much as I love my parents, my aunts, my uncles, the things they say about people sometimes are just jaw dropping. I don't see this as much with second generation Asians.. if that makes any sense. Now I'm sure this doesn't apply to everyone. One of my uncles, for example, is the coolest, most relaxed guy ever.

    • Thanks allola but yea, I'm not saying they are all bad, its just as far as attractiveness to me, and I know how they act when they get older. (apple doesn't fall far from the tree) its also true what allola said as well. Also my own aunts have told me not to date any asians. so take that for what its worth. and its not about the second generation who grew up here they were concerned about it was the potiential in laws. My mom and aunt and cousin didn't marry asians. too

    • Wow


      i find that being asian has less potential to find someone

      especially if you are a guy

      girls have no problem whatsoever

      but for a guy man I tell you it's tougher then making a penguin sing!

  • Not at all. I find Asian women very attractive. I don't really know about the whole being mean thing because there are no Asian people where I live, I have not been around them much but the few I have met traveling with my work I found very interesting. So no it wouldn't bother me at all.