Met a guy online, then had a date?

he is a fireman we spoke for about 3 hrs then had a date. had some drinks all went well - he emailed since and as a fireman worked his 24 hrs shift so I have not heard back from him and I am anxious to see him again but I will assume I will hear from him this week as yesterday he was possibly spending time with his son and recovering from the 24 shift. Does that seem reasonable since we are JUST meeting the daily calling comes down the line right?


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  • It's understandable you want to hear from him asap because of how much interest/attraction you have for him right off the bat. However, given his line of work and that he has a kid don't expect too much too soon. You've only been on one date. Give him a few days to get back to you then feel free to give him a call if you haven't heard from him.

    • Ok thank u... Because we did have daily texting or calling - but then also I have never dated a fireman either so I will be patient and await his contact. Have a great day!

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