Should I send him a text?

okay... so I have this casual friend and we both like each other but never do anything about it cause we just don't and we're fine with it. But at the end of this week he's getting surgery and I don't know if I should send him a text or not. I think that it might seem a little too foreword on whatever we have but I'm still his friend and I care about him. one thing I'm stuck on is how to say it:

A) Hey! Good luck today. I'll be thinking about you! Text me as soon as you're okay!

(or send something that would make him laugh a little like this:

B) Live damn it! Text me as soon as you can, if you don't I'll kick you in the good knee! :-)

any ideas on how I should go about this? Which text do you like more? Would it be too out of the ordinary for casual friends?

for those who don't know, casual friends are like friends with benefits or f*** buddies


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  • I'd say go with text B. That way, it's showing you care but still making a joke so he won't take it too seriously or be thrown off by it. It doesn't seem too forward at all - like you said, he is your friend. :)

  • haha I like A better! its more of a friend kind of text instead of the other one

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