A few months ago me and my friend met this guy. She called dibs but he gave me his number and now he's my boyfriend.

my bestfriend is like in love with him but he already told her that he don't like her so how do I tell her that he is my boyfriend because she gets mad like about any thing and she would proble bust out crying or freak if I told her what should I do

should I tell my friend and we'll proble stop talking or I could break up with him but I don't won't to he is a nice guy and I care about him alot.So I have to pick one of them HELP ME


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  • Well if she was really a best friend, then you would be able to talk to her about anything. You should be able to explain your feelings for him and she should understand. so I would say to just try and talk it out and that would be the best thing to do. you shouldn't have to choose between two people you care about.


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  • It's hard to say what you should do if you haven't told us what you want.

    • Again, which do you want more. Who do you care more about?

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