What do you men want out of a relationship?

I just want to make my boyfriend 100% happy..

and I want to keep it fun, but romantic too. What can I do?

And, what would you love for your girl to do? With you? For you?

Ladies, feel free to chime in too! ;-)

P.S- We are happy, I just want to go the extra step..I put in a lot of effort.

So, his birthday is coming up..I bought him this really expensive watch that he's mentioned once..and I am taking him on a surprise snowboarding trip! =D

Not sure what else I can do...I am dressing up for him..like wearing lingerie for his birthday..and I will dance for him lol..and I am giving him a camera to take pics..lol..I am also taking him out to dinner and baking him a cake. Well, should I bake it? Or buy it? Thanks everyone! xx


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  • Take some initiative every now and then

    Instaid of waiting for him to plan a date, do it yourself and surprise him with it! We set up most of the dates but its fun to be taken out ourselves sometimes =)

    I love being confided in, I assume that's already the case but when its things that she doesn't tell anyone too easely or no one else knows, I feel extra good because I'm the only one which makes me feel more special and secure.

    Little texts at random every now and then, I'm not a big fan of texting in general and favor actual conversation but if I'm at work and I get a text from a girlfriend with something cute and/or funny, it'll set a good mood for the rest of the day.

    Try doing something he's wanted to do for a while now, surprise him with it. Doesn't necisarely have to be sexual but hey, guys like sex and he'll definitely enjoy that.

    If I'm having a bad day, cheer me up! Sometimes just being there not saying anything can be enough, it'll enhance any emotional bond we already have. Its also fun being taken care off every now and then when your sick for example, bring him chickensoup, nurse him back to health and treat him a bit like a kid at the same time. Guaranteed fun and he'll appreciate the sentiment at the very least.

    TEASE HIM(god the amount of times I got annoyed that girls actually stopped doing that ENTIRELY when we officially got in a relationship, I lost count) Nothing more fun then to get that initial fun vibe back every now and then with a whole lot of fun teasing and flirting.

    Small gift for no apparent reason, doesn't have to be anything big or expensive but the sentiment is awesome. Girls expect us to do it, we don't expect girls to do it but when they do its quite awesome =)

    Broaden his horizon, teach him new things, open his world up more to yours with regards to hobbys, interests and what not. Take a class together or plan a vacation together or something like that.

    Surprise visit him during his lunchbreak or when he's finishing up at work and go do something =)

    Obviously most of these things should be done in an appropriate dosis, otherwise you'll come across as too much of one and not enough of well.. yourself.

    • thank you very very much! I will keep these in mind. However, I seem to already get him gifts and do little surprises like taking him out...I am planning a snowboarding trip..It is a surprise, he loves to snowboard. What do you think?

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    • Omg spoil much? :P

      expensive watch

      snowboard trip



      Dressing (down//) up + dance

    • LOL you like? :D

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  • What I would want out of it...

    - Companionship

    - Love

    - A unique type of friendship

    - Fun (not sexual)

    - Cuddling

    - Silent moments without getting uncomfortable

    What would I want her to do for me (forgive me if any of this sounds like arrogance, maybe I'm being too hard on myself there?)?

    - Write little notes

    - Send cute texts at midnight

    - Have a playlist of songs that make her think of me

    - A girl who bakes good cookies is a plus (or anything for that matter)

    - Make me feel masculine

    - Not expect me to do anything against my belief system

    And my usual closer on this...I'm sure there's other stuff that I'm forgetting or haven't thought of lol.

    • aww thank you..that seems to help. However, I always send him little cute notes/texts..when he gets off of work, I will put a note at his door to surprise him..sometimes I even buy him gifts. Thank you, though! There are other things I haven't been doing that you mentioned <333

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    • @update: Bake it!

    • lol okay! I will! Thank youuu! <33

  • We just want affection and understanding, and someone to 'take our side' in life. We dont' want to be just an option, someoneto spend money on them when others are too busy or out of town, or when there's a break at school or work.

    • Surprise him with something simple..make him some cookies, that sort of thing. Something jsut from you.

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    • Bake the cake! He'll remember that more than the expensive watch and he lingerie.

    • aww okay. thank you!

  • Your question is very subjective. We don't know. Only your boy-friend knows and possibly you. Well, I guess you asked because you wanted opinions or even in general what boys want out of relationship.

    1. want to have sex


    2. want to get to know you


    3. he feels chemistry with you. he can't stop thinking about you = he wants to hang out with you as much as possible

    There are more but it gets too detail. I think what boys "want out of a relationship" is pretty similar to the girls. It's not complicated at all; it's really simple. It is very very simple because love shouldn't be complicated. I mean, think about it, if you are in love, what would you want? You want your beloved to love you and be with you for forever. It's that simple.

    It seems to me that you love your boyfriend very very much. That's awesome!

    • aww thank you for your advice <333

    • and, I do love him very much. Sadly, he cannot tell me the same :/ He shows it..that is all that matters I guess :P

  • Companionship, communication, cuddling. That's really all I can think of. Yeah sex doesn't matter.

  • Sex! Companionship! Reliability!

    Having the natural urges satisfied is a good thing of course...

    But if you're also his best friend, who can be trusted with anything without worrying about some kind of information-leak, and if you can call each other at 4 at night to talk without anyone of you getting edgy - then it's a match made in heaven!

  • Put out more, surprise us, & cater to us really


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  • give him some space while making him feel wanted and appreciated. If he talks to another girl when he's with you don't go nuts unless he's like hitting on her. Don't check up on him

    Make him feel needed as a man, don't emasculate him or boss him around.

    Try new things together, things he's interested in

    Don't cling

    Be spontaneous and adventurous

    Play around in the bedroom

    Be his friend as well as his love

    • aww thanks. it seems I am doing things right ;)

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