Should I cut ties with them both/get them together?

sorry for the lengthy explanation!

in July I met this guy through a mutual friend and we hit it off really quick, he seemed like a great guy...then he started to get moody and eventually after about a month of dating we were done. I moved on and next thing I knew he was asking for me back. he has come back and professed his "love" for me twice since, each with more space between contact and less than 24 hours of him being non-moody before I cut off the talking. we aren't talking now, but did about 2 weeks ago...for a day

my grandma (I live with her) has a friend who has a grandson living with her and they decided since we live in such a small town and it's hard to find people our age to hang out with (most people went off to college) they would exchange our numbers and we could become friends.

both boys are new to town and I have lived here my whole life, is it bad to email my "ex" and ask him to go somewhere with me and josh (grandma's friend's grandson)? I don't want either to think I like them, but at the same time I feel me and josh are going to be done quickly (he already likes me and I have no interest at all). couldn't I just get them to meet once and they could become friends if they like eo? I don't wanna give my "ex" false hope, nor do I want it to be me and josh alone because he is definitely one to interpret it as a do I approach this?


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  • no, I don't see how you can get out of that situation unscathed, don't you have any other friends in town that you could call? if not you can just tell him its not a date or casually bring it up and say something like wait you don't think this is a date do u? or I'm glad were hanging out as friends, its fun

  • While your desire to spin something positive out of an otherwise messy situation is admirable, the chances of a successful "bromance" are slim to none. (They both have feelings for you; it won't work.) Since you're finished with your ex and you have no feelings for the other guy, it's best to just cut ties and avoid wasting any more time with them.


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