How to ask a guy who gave me his number what his name is?

So this past weekend me and my sis were at Noodles and Company and one of the cooks who was really cute sent his friend over to our table as we were leaving with his number but by the time I got home I noticed he forgot to write his name down. I really wanna talk to him but I don't want to text him now with not knowing his name and I don't really wanna call. My friends say I should go back in and just ask if they know who's number that is or to see if he's there but I'm really nervous that he won't be there and/or they won't know whose number that is and then some of my friends say just text him but I'm thinking about safety with my number. Any suggestions? Please help me!


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  • Just text back and be like "hey this is so and so from the place you met him, remember me?" and if he says yes be like "I want to make sure I have the right number, what's your name" and when he says it be like k good it is you and continue haha

    nothing wrong with admitting you didn't get his name

    • I didn't give him my name and he was flirting from afar and just decided to write his number and send his friend over and gave it to me

    • well then even better be like I'm the girl you so slyly sent your number to, may I ask your name or something along those lines its flirty and cute

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