Strange twist on a relationship?

I don't see this girl as much as I want to. but I like her. and so I asked her out via text. I know its not how I should have done it. but I felt comfortable doing it that way. moving on. she said she had plans and if she didn't she would have gladly gone to dinner with me. so I asked her the next weekend and she explained that she would have to get back to me because she didn't know if she had to work or not. she never called. I recently saw her at a party this past weekend. old feelings sparked back up when I saw her. and I know she knows that I like her. she flirted with me off and on all through the night. but I didn't want to ask her because I didn't want to make it weird with her since we were at a party. was this a poor move on my part and did her not calling me back mean anything or did she forget.


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  • The bad move was asking her out via text. Certain things still need to be done the old fashion way. My guess is that by asking her out via text you displayed a certain nonchalant approach. A wrong message to send. And I don't think she forgot. She probably reciprocated .

    Live and learn .stick around a little while and try again later.

    • I think The other guy is right. if she was interested she would have at least texted back

    • She did text you back and politely seems like. She did not give you a final answer tho. Which is why I alluded to nonchalantness. as for asking her out again that is totally your call. You said she was flirting and it appears you are still interested. That is why I suggested stick around and reasses the situation. Again that is really your call to make.

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  • She didn't forget anything; she wasn't interested. You asked her out twice, and she turned you down both times. When you ask a girl out, anything other than an enthusiastic "yes" should be taken as a "no." If she were interested in you, she would have either accepted the date or, at the very least, told you what day and time WOULD work for her. You need to let her go and move on to a girl who is actually interested in you.

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