What does a kiss mean to you?

Do you believe you can just kiss someone because you like kissing or would it signify more than that?

Also to add to this description...I have a great amount of curiousity as to what the technique aka kiss would be like with someone that I have encountered recently, BUT I do not want it to mean anything more than the fact that I am just curious, like the ACT of kissing with no feelings involved. Is that possible?


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  • Kissing just signifies mutual attraction, nothing more and nothing less.

    If your curious after it, think about why your curious after it... Chances are likely your attracted to him and want to see if he's a great kisser, it doesn't mean your in love with him, it doesn't mean you want it to lead anywhere in particular at this time.

    • Thanks for your response...yes I definitely have an attraction and you are right...I am so curious if what I suspect is true.

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  • Well, its possible to do that, and I know some people who thinks so too. I think kisses are one part in a chain of gestures: Greeting with hands, hugs, Kiss on cheek, kiss on mouth, kiss with tongue, body kisses, sex... (sure there are more possible gestures to add)

    All these gestures are possible without feelings. Just think in an extreme case of a prostitute.

    But its important to show the other person what it is for you. You can hurt someone if you kiss him, he thinks, jeah, she likes me more, and you say: Nope.

  • I would kiss because I like kissing but it definitely signifies more that just mere act... it can show feelings... specially for different parts with different meaning...

    • hmmm..thanks for your answer...i maybe should have clarified...if you just kiss someone closed mouth on the lips...does that signify something on a sexual level or is that a platonic kiss as opposed to the full fledge "french kiss" for lack of a better description? I enjoy kissing and have done so on several occasions kissed someone that I wasn't really into just because I like kissing...but what I have always found that although the kiss might be good...it did not make me "LOSE" myself in it.

    • So if one kisses and say don't go I won't let you go what would that signify (1st time kissing)? Two wks later, kissed again with even more passion. What kind of feeling does he have towards me?

    • @ 3336PS : I guess he want to be with you... and starting to show his feelings of possessiveness ... not that its a bad thing... unless the feeling is not returned...

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  • Well, someone kissed me recently and everything changed on my end. I didn't get to ask him. I have to. Its driving me nuts.

    • yeah that is the scary part...will it change things if it happens?:(

    • From exp. if I'm OK with the kiss after means I am attracted to that person. If I found it gross then no. I remebered one guy who I kinda got drunk ( was never attracted to him) he grabbed me and kissed me. I didn't like it.

      The last guy who kissed me took me by surprised and now I can't stop thinking about him.

      I don't know if this helps with your questions

    • yes thank you 3336PS!

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