Would they respond if uninterested?

Would a guy just make excuses if he didn't want to see you?. Or just not respond in text or online conversations? I don't really tend to respond to guys I'm not interested in, so do men do the same? Is it a good sign if they respond to you?

I've been on a date with this guy and he usually always responds to me online or text, but I am worried he's jut doing it to be polite. And when we arrange to meet again, I always worry he's just being polite? Do guys do this as well?


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  • Hi, I'm facing the exact same problem as you, except it's with the girl I like!

    She replies all the time too, with her hahahas, lols and smileys all over the texts. And she knows I like her as well. But I do suspect she wants nothing more than to be friends at times cos she takes hours to respond sometimes. She could be playing hard, just shy or whatever reasons.

    So my advice is to not overthink or even bother analysing. Just text when you feel like and meet up, just not too often that it becomes in "their face".

    At some point of time, it's always better that you ask him straight to the face. Hope I helped and all the best to us!


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