I made a bold move and scored my first coffee get together, nervous, what should I talk about?

I have not dated in a long time, the place I hang out at just so happens to be my ex husbands place of business and we are still really good friends. So there is this guy he works with who I think is attractive and I wrote a note to him and left my phone number. My ex husband gave him the note, I am too shy. But he did call and ask me if I would like to have coffee with him, the conversation went well. Should I treat this as a date? what should I wear? and what should I talk about? this guy is much older than myself. I am so nervous. Thanks ahead.


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  • Odd relationship you have with your ex...

    You can consider it a "date"... although it's more of a "meet-and-greet".

    What should you talk about? Are you 14? Ask him about his life and he'll ask about yours.


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