I think I was asked to homecoming, but not sure?

I was talking to my friends today and I said I was gonna go with one friend (her date pretty much dumped her, so I said we'll go and hang out together as friends, we're both straight no worries) and something happened and I was like "oh I guess I'm not taking her to homecoming then" and this one guy was standing there and was like"well wanna go with me?" and this guy is kinda a goof, so I'm not sure if I should believe he was serious or not. But my homeroom teacher unlocked the door so I didn't have to answer *whew*. This guy once followed me home into my house because he knew I'd freak out, so yeah. I don't know whether his offer was serious or not?


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  • Lolz I really wish I could help you out with this one and tell you if it was serious or not but I will tell you this. He seems to have just a slight bit of a crush on you there..come on he followed you home just to mess with you, and I'm going to guess he's not out right vicious to you..but maybe teases you a lot? If you're intrested in going with him though I would joke back at him and say something like so what time are you picking me up. Don't be afraid to go after him if you wanna...or if you wanna be completlly direct you could always simply ask him if he was serious. I don't think you have a big chance of getting a straight answer though

    • hahah yeah he teases me a lot. so its hard to know when he's serious. but ill joke back tomorrow and find out.(:

    • Lolz definently do good luck!