Can someone please help me with talking to a girl?

There's this girl in my English class that I have an interest in and when told a female friend about it she was excited to hear that I was interested in this girl which makes me want to talk to her even more. The problem is though that I never do. And during class is the only time I see this girl I'm interested in. I think I can't talk to her because I don't feel confident enough about not making a good conversation with her and have trouble of thinking about things to talk about with her. So I need help with starting a good conversation with her and how to get her to enjoy talking with me. Any tips and advice would be welcomed as well.

Tuesday before Thanksgiving I asked her if she wanted to see a movie over the weekend and she said she was gonna be with friends for the weekend. The reason for me asking you can refer to my question asking if I should Facebook message her. I havne't talked to her for awhile now sadly so does this mean anything?


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  • You can't get anyone to enjoy talking to you, and you shouldn't be anyone other than yourself. If she doesn't enjoy that, it's her problem.

    Anyway, talk about anything other than the weather. If she has any interest in you as well, it won't be hard to talk to her. She'll meet you halfway. You have to approach her to know these things, though.

    Once you've broken the ice, just don't wait FOREVER to get to the point: asking her out. I don't mean ask her out straight away, but don't leave it too long. I hate when men don't make a move. Some of us are old fashioned and still believe in you taking the initiative. Seriously I go for the "You. Me.Dinner.Friday" type of guy over the one that stares and smiles and never says anything. Don't be THAT guy.


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  • Good question, lots of guys and girls have this problem. Just be YOURSELF first and foremost don't try to become the jock-swagger type just to get her attention. Try going up to her and saying hey my names is so and so. What's yours? After that just ask questions like do you play sports and things like that. Hope it goes well!

    • Well we both know each others name since we both have English together. So hmm how can I start talking to her like what should I do when I approach her and things to talk about? Good answer though

    • You can just ask her what her hobbies are and see if you guys have any things in common. Also if you don't have anything in common othat s good to. That way you can ask her questions about things she does and she can ask you questions about things you do.

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  • Don't be a p****,man... Just simply walk up to her and ask her any damn question about the homework or whatever and after a while just tell her that you think she's cute and would like to get to know her better and suggest you guys hanging out. That's all you gotta do. Always remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. be a man

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