How good of a sign is this after a first date?

When you have a great date, he asks if you want to go out at the end of it and then text you the next morning saying he had a good time. And after you say you did too, you two make plans for a second date...

I'm used to guys giving me lines and only wanting sex, but this guy seems different. He didn't get grabby or touchy at any time, but we did laugh and flirt for four hours at the bar.


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  • Unless I'm missing something I'd definitely think him wanting a second date is a good sign. How could that be a bad sign?

    • Well, I didn't think it was bad, but I've just heard lines so many times, it's hard to tell who's in it for real and who's in it for sex/hooking up/passing the time. I guess it's too early to tell with him

    • If he's really just in it for the sex he won't last much past a few dates. For now I think he's giving all of the signs that he's interested in more but you're right it is too early to tell. But yes all good signs so far. Good luck!

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  • If you mean, is this a good sign that he likes you and wants to see you again, well, yes, it is.

    If you mean is this a sign he is not just interested in sex and nothing more, way too soon to tell. But the way to avoid not being taken seriously is to not send him the wrong message. Flirt and laugh but continue to date and get to know each other before you head into any heavy make out sessions or have sex. Even telling a guy "I'm not that kind of girl" isn't enough to ensure a guy takes you seriously. Plenty of guys have heard that message, only to push it a bit more and end up having sex with the girl that night.

    Sounds like you are off to a good start. Keep it on the right path on your side and see how it plays out.

    • Tamikaze, how many dates does a girl go on with the same guy before she knows he's not just in it for the sex?

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    • It isn't a number, but about how things are progressing. Is he asking questions about you? Does he remember details about your life? Does he show interest in who you are? I personally tell a guy that I don't believe in sex outside of a relationship and then I stick to my words. A guy who is just physically attracted to me will stop dating me pretty quickly after hearing that.

    • Yes to all.