Guys - would this seem too needy or demanding to you?

My boyfriend of almost 3 months cancelled our date for tonight and it was the very first time this has happened. Unfortunately, due to our ridiculous school/work schedules today was the only day we could have done anything and he got tied up at work so he had to cancel at the last minute. I understand his reasons for cancelling and told him that...but I miss him and I really was looking forward to seeing him so I was quite upset (not at him specifically, just at the situation). Here's my question - I'm thinking about telling him when he contacts me tomorrow that he owes me for cancelling our only date this week. I don't want to come off as too needy or demanding though, so would this turn you guys off if a girl told you this? To clarify, I'm not going to tell what he owes me - it's up to him to choose if he wants to take me out, come see me as a surprise, or whatever else he would decide to do. Thanks ahead for your opinion!

Never mind. I'm not going to do this. I would feel much too bad about demanding that he do something to make up for it. I wish there was some way to delete questions if you don't want an answer to them anymore. -.-


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  • I don't think you should say this. He's going to see you anyway. Why would you take control of something that doesn't need to be controlled? If you said that to me in a way that made me think you were serious, I think it would hurt my feelings. We're not supposed to keep score and owe each other like that. That's not right. You should just forgive me. And obviously I'd be planning to do something with you. I might even feel bad about cancelling and feel like I owed you something, but I wouldn't want to hear it from you. It would make me mad. It's like when you were ten years old and somebody did something nice for you, and before you could thank them your stupid parents told you to thank them and made it meaningless. Of course he's going to take you out again or come see you. He's going to whenever you both can. Why would you feel you need to talk about debt? You posted the question because you know it's not the right thing to do. Otherwise you would have just done it. Listen to your instincts.

    • Thanks. I think you're right-if I said this to him I'd feel bad about it. He's always really sweet and caring and I know he does feel bad about cancelling on me. So you're right, I'm sure he'll do something to make it up to me without me saying anything.

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