I've never kissed a girl and I'm really nervous. What should I do now?

Ive been going out with this girl who I really like for about a month. This is the first time I've ever been in a relationship and so far I had the courage to give her kisses on the cheek. I've been thinking of when I should actually kiss her on the lips. I have no idea how to approach this. I've never kissed a girl and I'm really nervous. If anyone has some tips to help me out I would really appriciate it. Thanks


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  • I would tell her about your inexperience because if I was the girl I would be confused. I would be trying to figure out is my breathe or what. Women love those moments where you talking and the chemistry is right and you land a kiss. Honest is the reason why most good relationship last!


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  • If you pay attention to the girls body language you can always tell when it's okay to kiss her and not. Many guys make the misstake by going "all in"... thinking that it's now or never, or that they have to make a huge leap of fait, or whatever. You only have to take a "risk" when you haven't read her body language first. That's why many drunk guys get rejected since they can't read body language properly in that state.

    I would recommend taking small steps, building up to the kiss. It's all about checking if she is comfortable with what you are currenly doing to her. If she feels weird about hugging you then a kiss will be even worse, for example.

    One example would be this: when you are about to leave each other you will give each other a nice long hug. When the hug is over you still hold her around her waist, give her a kiss on the cheek. After the kiss on the cheek you still hold her and you stop and look into her eyes perhaps for 2-3 seconds quite close to her but still at a comfortable range.

    During these 2-3 seconds when your faces are close to each other you should be able to read her body language if she want's to kiss you or not. Pay attention to her eyes and lips.

    If you get to nervous at this poing or you can't read her body language you can still bail out from the kiss without it becoming weird. You might aswell tell her how beautiful eyes she has as you let her go and she will think that you just admired her eyes for a moment and will not really notice that you tried to kiss her but bailed.

    Be comfortable with yourself and she will feel the energy you project.

    Good luck :)

    • Well that's the thing, when I leave her house, we hug for a while. I then grab both her hands and I giver her a kiss on the cheek, but I'm out after that.