Ask a guy out through his friend?

So I met this guy, we flirted back and forth for like 6 months. about a month ago he came right up to me and was acting very flirty...Complimenting me, making sure I knew his name, told me some personal info, etc. He would always smile when he seen me and even make sure to say good morning to me, even when talking to his friends. He made a point of waiting to see me every morning. He would come into the café and talk with the owner or read the paper while I got my food. Then when I left he would walk outside to go to his office. I'm pretty sure he was waiting to see me- he only came in while I was there.

a friend of his had showed a lot of interest in me and I made it clear that I was not interested in him I was involved with someone at the time. (not now) I think this guy never asked me out because he thought I was involved with someone else. Whenever his friend would hit on me, he would say something like she's taken.

anyway so , I finally built up the courage to talk to him a little more and see if he would want to get together for drinks. I went into the place that I always seen him in the morning, and he was not there. It turns out he no longer works in that building. I can't stop thinking about him. I feel like I missed my chance with this guy. One of his friends still comes into the café. Would it be weird to ask the friend for his number (the guy I have the crush on). I don't really know his friend I just say hi and bye to him occasionally. I don't want to seem desperate, or weird. I have never done anything like this before. Should I give the friend my number to pass along? I'm confused and I don't want to look stupid if the guy was just being nice and really wasn't into me. do you think he's into me? its been almost 2 weeks since I seen him. Help please


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  • who dares , wins :) I wouldn't care when my friend would be the connection between me and a girl/woman , in the end the 'how 'doens't matter , it's the 'who' ;-)

    when you don't pull the trigger you can't hit the target :D

    • thanks for that comment what do you think about me asking for his number or should I give him my number to give to his friend. I'm taking a big risk here because the job he was working at was filled with a bunch of real macho guys. I really don't want my number Passed around. Advice

    • hmm well in that case you might pick the option of asking the number , and those macho guys aren't macho they are just immature if they do something like passing around numbers. and a**holes. and when you ask his number and call him yourself you don't have to sit there waiting for him to make a move. oh and yeah I reported your comment by mistake , I tried to reply but hit the report button XD

    • Thanks again, I hope I can build up the courage to talk to his friend on Tuesday.

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