ladies, do you prefer a man you like to take you out and call you right after?

ladies, do you prefer a man you like to take you out and call you right after, (pursue you), or do you think it's better if a man is exciting but gives you space to miss him after a date? I did something with someone that I like...we enjoyed each other, wrestled around a bit, but I like to talk to her. I call her everyday because I feel that I am confident enough to not care about phone games. But I don't want to feel like I'm 'too much' in her face. Is it a good thing to call a woman casually much, or do you think its more effective to show her an exciting time and disappear for a while? by the way we have a date on Sunday and we came from a casual get together can I get her to be 'more attracted' to me if I already make her laugh and play a lot :) and we are just friends btw.

also she states that she has good times with me when we hang out...she gave me a videogame I wanted that she has and has given me a book she liked growing up. However, when I call she won't pick up or comes across too busy? I don't understand if she likes me or not. But she likes to joke around and go places with me because I am outspoken and like to have fun... I just cannot tell if she likes me, has a crush but is afraid, or what. by the way she has a boyfriend but I don't know if she really "loves him" that much.
and we flirt often and have kissed in the past...i just feel its something more to it then she tells me...can someone enlighten me?


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  • I personally like when a guy tries to pursue me and puts effort into talking to me instead of just dropping of the earth for a day or two after a date. But on that note, you said she has a why are you still trying to get with her? I mean, she has a boyfriend. She's taken. That's probably why she doesn't always answer your she doesn't want to lead you on since she has a boyfriend, or she could be with him when you're calling her and her answering your call would just start unnecessary drama. It does sound like she enjoys hanging out and spending time with you, otherwise she would make up excuses to not have to. She might just see you as a friend and not realize that you want to be more than friends, so my best advice would be to talk to her about it and ask if she thinks you two might ever be more than friends...

    • yeah... I c what you mean...i have talked to her about that and she says, I don't know what the future may hold for now I think I will give her a lot of space. its funny because the girls I'm not interested in, I don't talk to everyday and they are attracted to me smh

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    • i agree with you..and I do care for her and she told me the same...weird situation I know, but you never know what the future has in store. by the way your a good answerer if you have any guy ?'s you would like answered lemme know.i would b glad to help out ;)

    • aw thank you! and OK I have questions all the time so I'll probably ask! :)

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  • Okay, first of all if a girl has a good time with you whenever you hang out doesn't mean that she sees you as a potential partner. Secondly, by calling her often you are forcing yourself into the friend zone. Do you want your sh*t to get old? Do you want that you call her everyday and someday you run out of things to talk about? Or do you want her to lose interest in you? I guess not. Dude you gotta understand one thing, mystery creates attraction. You gotta limit calling her and give her a chance to miss you and call YOU, instead of you calling her. The more busy you are, the more she's gonna think that you have other things going on in your life. I see me, 4yrs ago in you right now. I used to be the same way and you know what this one girl said to me? Why do you call me all the time, I guess you've never dated a girl before and are desperate to get with me... Yeah that exactly what I got. So you decide what you want to do now.

    • that makes a lot of sense. I can't believe a girl said that to you tho, that was just wrong. I c what you mean about desperation and that is certainly not want I want. I guess I thought that since we talk comfortably that it wouldn't matter. mayb I am wrong

    • also like I mentioned to the girl above, its funny that you said that because every girl I'm not interested in I'm kool with but don't call everyday and those are the ones that end up attracted. then the ones I like I have trouble with lol smh