"Work and school are keeping me really busy" excuse?

Guys, what's up when you have taken a girl out to dinner a few times. Text her almost every day, call her almost every night, buy her little gifts, and treat her sweet even though you've already got her in bed...THEN you use the "work and school are keeping me really busy" excuse? This guy has been around for almost two months and everything seemed great! It was like I couldn't get him out of my hair! He'd cuddle and ask me to stay if it was late at night. . . I don't know, am I a total sucker or is this feeling in my gut that's telling me he's good right?

and when we are in bed, after a little "workout" he cuddles like crazy. And all night when we're together, even dead asleep, we're cuddling.


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  • Why do girls always associate cuddling with how much a guy likes them? Every question on here, the more "cuddling" is mentioned the more desperate the girl is trying to convince herself.

    Aside from that, your question is unclear. Has he suddenly told you this line and decided to not see you anymore? Is he scaling back how much he contacts you? Is he telling you this as a "warning" for the future? How and when did he tell you this?

    • Most girls like cuddling, we over analyze when there's little to no communication. It was just the last nine days he's been MIA and when I asked him what was up with not hearing from him he apologized and said he was just really busy with school & work and would be in better contact when he had more free time. He used to call me seriously every night but hasn't for the last two weeks *partially due to a new phone*. He'll answer some of my texts...like half, which I try to not flood him with.

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