He has a girlfriend but...

Okay here's the story.. I met a guy at the pool, we talked for a little bit... and I assumed that he didn't have a girlfriend.. because I mean.. he was alone by himself and I thought he was cute so we were talking.. and than after we swam I caught him at the treadmill and I gave him my # :) and he said thank you very much or whatever but than I was waiting outside... and he caught me there and said "I was going to text you but my girlfriend wouldn't like that.." and then he stayed for a bit and talked with me and my sister.. he was a nice guy.. I dunno... But than he said do you want my number? And he gave me his number.. I told him I wouldn't call him lol but he hasn't called me... and he told me though that if anything happens between him and his girlfriend he will tell me and he also told me he's going to be at the gym like 5-6 days a week because I said him, me and my sister could hang out..

when I gave him my # at the treadmill... I also told him call me if he wants to go out on a date lol

but anyways.. besides that...

I'm wondering... should I call this guy? girls and guys what's your point on this? I'm not sure if ill even like him in the end but I want to give it a try

is it sinful to do something like this? my sister says.. that by the way he was talking he may have a bad girlfriend anyways and it's not wrong to hang out with a guy who has a girlfriend because he may not like her.. and I may have a chance

honestly what's your opinion? I want to call him and I'm thinking about calling him tomorrow or Friday to hang out as friends but secretly I want to get to know him as a potential boyfriend


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  • I know this is an old question,but that is really low,can't believe your sister thinks like that,that is so wrong.Don't be a homewrecker.Why do people go for people who are taken?Stop trying to cut another girls lunch.


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