The only message in a few days is asking what I'm doing online in the middle of the night?

I've been dating him for a couple of weeks, quite chaotically. He saw me online in the middle of the night and wrote me a message what I was doing online at this time. He told me that he was seeing his guy friends. His only message in a couple of days. Why is he doing that and what should I answer if he does it again?

Help please. Thank you :)

Thank you for your answers. Yes, I know that these are just ideas and could be wrong... well, at least he thought of me... whatever...

Starting a conversation is actually impossible, no matter in what way, because he cut it down saying that he was falling asleep...

Messaging or meeting other guys... this one might be one possibility although I still don't get it because he doesn't write me for seeing each other...


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  • It's because he wants to know if you are thinking about him and why you didn't contact him yet (I mean give him attention like you used to yet).

    It's just because they are: bored, wants to know if their on your mind,...

    just an other excuse to start a conversation...

    • Thank you for your answer. The conversation was very short. Only what I wrote here. So it can't be an excuse for conversation. Actually, he got more attention from me in the last days than I from him. To me he didn't seem bored because he wanted to go to sleep (well, maybe I was the only one of his fb friends online, but I don't think so).

      How should he figure out like this if he's on my mind? He should know more easily from other stuff that I wrote him in the last days.

    • "It's all about the moment, just remember that"

      What is going through our minds today will not be the same as for tomorow...

      It could also be that he wanted to tell you something and hoped by starting that little conversation (because he couldn't really sleep) that you would dragg it out of him, by asking him questions? ...

      Like girls, guys somethimes want to see if you really can figure them out, like what's on their mind.

      I know it's silly, but hey, I'm just saying ;-)

    • Like I wrote above, I do not think so because he told me that he was falling asleep. Anway, thank you for the answer :)

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  • sounds to me like he's jealous

    • Jealous of what? I don't believe so because if he wanted to see me, he should contact me for it...

    • maybe he's thinking you could be online, messaging other guys... I could be totally wrong of course

    • This one might be... or that I'm seeing other guys? But no idea... if he doesn't want me to see him, obviously, I can't ;)

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