Is she jealous? Why would she interrupt?

I was recently on a first date- that went really great!- but while on the date a girl at the bar who was friends with my date, came up to say hi to him.

It wasn't just a hi, she actually sat down and came over FOUR times! I was a bit shocked. He didn't seem to be into her but I couldn't figure out what made her come over so many times when it was clear he was on a date!


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  • Ugh how rude! Sounds to me like she has a thing for him. Sorry:( Did he at least apologize at all?

    • He didn't apologize but he did allude to her being rude. She was with a friend and kept inviting us to go hang out with them and when she came over for a third time she mentioned that she tried to get her friend to come over but she said not to interrupt. That didn't stop her! ha!

  • She has no class + interested in him + she might have been his ex / were involved together in one way or another and therefore she's spoiling his new relationship with you.

    • Right after she walked away he said they grew up together and he's known her since they were 7. There might have been something on her end, I didn't get the hint there was anything on his. It was funny though...after she sat down I went into my bag to look for chap stick but the look on his face was priceless when he saw he reach for my bag hahaha

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    • Could be. But she's the EXACT opposite of me personality and physically too and he's made it clear he likes me. I'm not worried but was a little shocked she'd interrupt not once, twice, or three times but FOUR. She was def sizing me up but meh

    • She has no class :)