How to have a GREAT second date?

I met a guy Sunday for drinks. We talked for FOUR hour about everything. We're going out tomorrow night and I want to have a great time and show a different side to me.

On the first date I wore a comic book tshirt, Chuck Taylors, my glasses, my hair down, and little makeup. He made it clear he liked this. We didn't kiss but I initiated a hug and he was receptive and hugged me tightly. He texted the following morning she he had a great time.

I was think of curling my hair, wearing a bit more makeup, knee high boots, black tights, a black minishirt, a lace top and jewelry. I want to show that I'm a girl who can talk comics, drink beer and watch a baseball game as well as dress up and be a girl he can romance.

We're going to a museum and then he's taking me to sushi (he's already told me he's treating). Any more tips on how to impress him and make sure I have a great date? I really like it. We just jive well together and things flow so nicely...


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  • A blowjob never hurts!


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