Have you dated someone who lied on their profile?

Hi guys,

I just wanna know if anyone has fallen for someone that lied on their profile: Whether it be myspace(who uses that now a days?), Facebook, match, eharmony, plenty of fish, etc.

My story...I met someone on Facebook years ago... I think I was about 21. He was a nice looking guy. I LOOKED through his profile and all. We chatted for months on line and he constantly changed the picture on his profile So to me it was suspicious one day we exchanged number...we started talking on the phone and I started liking him more and more. He would describe himself exactly as I saw in the pictures. So one day we agreed to meet up. He first told me you like me right and I said yea. Then he said so you won't judge me if I look a little different. I gained a little weight I laughed and said that we should just meet up regardless. So we did. I was so shocked that this guys was nothing like the picture! I mean he was a completely different person. He said that he had created the profile for his friend and when him I started talking he couldn't help but like me and lie. I was so disappointed and felt so embarrassed for even falling for someone I hadn't even met! totally mortified I am completely against online dating lol what's your story?


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  • Lol... damn. That really sucks. I'd be really set back if that happened to me - as I've been online dating since I was 11! But never found anyone that I felt were worth meeting. Not a very confident guy - self conscious but. Trust me you wouldn't have a clue about that if you struck up a conversation with me in person.

    But yeah, I don't know what ever you feel best trying to find love is the best route to take. For me I'm very logical with how I approach things so - online dating just seems more ecological to me - for many reasons. But there are cons obviously to it - your story being a perfect example.

    Hope you find the right guy regardless! :)

    • 11? ? ? ? A tad bit early ey? o.O

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    • I have found the right guy...Hes amazing 5 years of dating and I found a keeper. I met him like a normal person would. I was introduced to him by a mutual friend. never again will I date online!

    • Congrats! ... I'm glad you found happiness :) (I hope the feeling will be consistent) ..

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  • That's one of those cases I just don't understand... I don't get why people make fake profile pages with pictures that aren't even of them self... either they have low confidence in their looks or are just creepin...

    • This guys was unattractive and he was creepy. I felt that someone would go through such extremes...I still don't understand why he would have done that...sad.

    • I would have to agree with you on that one. lol.

  • Isn't it what's on the inside that counts?

    • the fact that he lied is what counts more

    • Yes. And he was a liar on the inside.

    • Yes but when you would create a huge lie like that what else would he be able to comeup with? It is what's inside that matter but let be REALISTIC we all look at appearances first! Then that fades eventually because the inside wins every time. My boyfriend for example he's average but to be he is the most sexiest handsomest (is that a word? haha) man becuase of how he treats me :)

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    No, thankfully I haven't. I am sorry! Was he at least cute?

    Or was it that mortifying?!?!?

    • No girl he was not cute...The guys in the picture was tall, medium build, had nice muscle tone, dressed very stylish..tan...mmmm yummy! This guys was the complete opposite of what I just described...He created the profile for his cousin...I felt so bad but I felt worse for myself for believeing the lie! I'm thankfully not scarred and can laugh about it...good lesson to teach my girls when they grow up!

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    • Awe! that's mean but funny! I wanted to but I had to be nice at least! haha

  • I HATE LIERS,that's why I don't Trust online relationships,Most oF it full of lies.

    They aren't honest from the beinning,they lie till the end,he deserves a kick in that place for lying to you and playing you.

    In my book the truth is the most important thing.

    • Agreed! I felt like I was on an episode of punk'd! hahaha

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    • Oh that's good.

    • I know I couldn't go out with someone who would blatantly lie that way!