Why did he stop texting me?

I went out with this guy for 2 years, 4 years ago. About a month ago HE started to text me, wanting news and we'd text each other almost every day or other day.

One night, he was at a party,drunk and he texted me if I ever wondered why he wanted to talk to me again and he said it was to excuse himself.. What is that suppose to mean ?

Also, now it just stayed like that, he hasn't texted me for 1 week. I really don't know what to think..

He haven't texted for almost 2 weeks now.. Why would he care texting me almost every day for a month just to excuse himself of something that happened 4 years ago ?


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  • He probably thought you two could have casual sex.


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  • You could send a text asking why does he want contact again? What does 'it is no excuse' mean? Etc.

    • I am sorry if I formulated my says a wrong way ! But I meant to say that he answered by saying he wanted to excuse himself (probably for our last relation ship) but I'm not sure how to take it.. cause it didn't end on a bad term

    • I would just text him and ask why he wants contact again. That is if you want contact with him.