He assumed it was a date! What do I do?

I met this guy at my college a couple months ago and within the last few weeks we've been talking more. He asked me for my number, but he made it seem like it was only in a friendly basis. Then, he texted me about homework the next day and then again the day after that just for friendly conversation. He didn't text me for a little over a week, but we still talked in class. I didn't want him to think he was bugging me so I texted him one day. This was the first time I ever texted him first.

The next time I saw him at school we started talking and we got out of class really early so he asked me if I wanted to get something to eat. We went to mcdonalds and he waited for me to figure out what I wanted and then asked me what I was going to get. I had my wallet out but he insisted on paying for both of us and I told him I felt really bad about him paying. He said it wasn't a big deal. Then when we were driving back he casually goes, "well that was a pretty nice lunch date" and I played it off like I didn't hear him say "date" and I just said "yeah, it was good"

Then when we got back to school he went in before me and was talking to his friend. When I came in his friend turned and said "did you go out on a date with this guy?" I almost died. And then the guy I went with goes "yeah, we did"

I honestly just thought he was only being nice. The thing I need to know is: do you think he bought me lunch because I texted him, giving him the idea that I was interested? Should I have not texted him at all?

Because I feel like I shouldn't have texted him. It wasn't flirty or anything. Just normal convo. I feel like I basically said "i like you" by texting him. Because I don't think he would have bought me lunch if I had just not ever texted him. I'm freaking out. I have never been the instigator of anything like this and I feel so stupid because I think I made the first move by texting him.

And if this matters I think he's really nice, funny, and cute, but I don't know if I know him well enough for him to just take me on a date. I was really caught off guard by him paying. I don't know why I'm freaking out. Anyway, back to my question, did I give him the idea that I was interested because I texted him? HELP ME. PLEASE. :/


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  • no it doesn't sound like you at all in any way led him on, and he had no reason to think that spontaneous lunch outing was a date, he was probably trying to make it a date, if you don't like him which it sounds like you dont, you should let him no as soon as possible otherwise its just going to get worse for u


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  • If you don't like him, then you have to let him know. It sounds like he is the type of person who sounds like he will be naive and keep on tricking himself that you like him. So unless you tell him otherwise, he will continue the chase.

  • wait so did you want it to be a date or you just want to be friends with him? whichever it is you have to let him know before leading him on. the sooner you tell him the better for both of you.

  • No, I don't think you let him on, he likes you so he convinced himself you like him too. Usually when someone likes someone almost any sign not negative from the person they like will convince them the feeling is mutual.


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