Do you enjoy the date?

This is going to sound really weird. But I like the whole idea of a date. Getting ready, meeting somewhere, eating, doing something, just chatting and getting to know someone. However, the point of a date is usually to get to know someone, let them know your available and maybe have it go somewhere if you're interested in the person. I am still affected by a break up. And do not want a relationship, or kiss, closeness, or casualness with someone. Actually, maybe I'm just talking about a male friend. Or a one night innocent thing.

Does anyone else think the dating concept is really cute? And I'm probably too shy and they guy would be weirded out by me being like this. XD I don't know. People are interesting. You can really have a good time with someone. I just don't want it to go anywhere. lol. Anyone have anything to say about this?


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  • lol I don't really know if you're asking for advice or just saying that you think dates are cute.

    • Haha. I'm not sure what I'm saying either.

      Dates are cute, yes.

      But, I guess, is it appealing to you to have a date with someone without it going anywhere, like an innocent night, getting to know someone?

      Would any guy just do this?

      Why does this appeal to me? XD

    • oh I see what you're talking about now ha ha. I just re-read your original. that's not weird at all. I've done this before, sometimes its fun to just go on a date for the hell of it even though you aren't ready for a relationship.

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