You say you don't want a relationship?

You say you don't want a relationship. Then you meet a guy. You think he is adorable, sweet, funny just an all around amazing guy.

Depending upon how serious you are on your no relationship stance if you started to feel for him more than you thought and don't want a relationship at this time would you start to withdraw yourself and avoid him? Or vice versa would you lift that stance if you really like him?


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  • We all, from time to time, decide the time isn't right for a relationship- we just broke up with someone, we're single for the first time in years and want to enjoy it, we want to focus on school/career and a serious relationship will get in the way etc. But, I'll be honest, if I really like a guy all those reasons don't really mean a damn thing when he asks me out. In my head I might be going "this ISN'T a good idea, you're staying single for awhile remember?" but if I've fallen for him, it's pretty hopeless to hold on to the excuses. It's my firm belief that you meet people when you meet them and it's not going to conform to whatever plans you make for yourself- why miss out on an opportunity of dating a great guy because I met him at the "wrong" time?


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  • If I could honestly meet a guy I actually start to like, I mean really like him - I'd lower my stance.

    Probably because that's what I'm honestly waiting for. A guy actually worth dropping my gaurd for. So many losers and jerks to avoid.

    Some girls though recline from the type of guys that seem " too good to be true." It's natural to be a little suspicious, because you think well he's amazing - but what's the catch? Is he playing me? What are his true attentions etc.

    So they could hesitate from a great guy sometimes.

  • That's kind of what happened to me...


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