How may I know more details about his ex?

i have a guy friend who expressed that he likes to be more than friends about 2 weeks ago. and when we were discussing he expressed that he had been in love! (which he said he doesn't call it love anymore, but he was thinking its love in that time) once and then since the girl was not the one he was thinking! ( or I guess she has done something bad to him) ...they broke up and he was depressed for a while...that was really a shock to me...coz I never thought he has ever been in a serious relationship before!

we talked and I told him that I'm not ready yet for any commitment or relationship and we could stay just friends for now, and he accepted...but honestly I'm so curious about that ( though I know I don't have any right to ask or be curious:P)... but I was wondering if there is anyway I could find more details without directly asking him?!


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  • You could try to ask his friends or something. Or you could just ask him, and say you're just curious and want to know he can talk to you about it if he wants.

    Or, I think you should just forget about it for now. If you later become more than friends then I think it's OK to ask about it again, but as you've just said you're not interested in being his boyfriend, I think you should forget it as you don't really have any right to know or really any reason to be interested except nosiness or to help him, which you can do just by talking to him about it.


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