Online dating, what happened?

Okay, I just got out of a relationship a few weeks ago and was looking to meet new people (been hanging with my regular friends too), so I decided to join an online dating site. Ended up messaging this girl in my town who was cute and seemed down-to-earth in her profile; she was looking for friends to hang with. She messaged me back, and we started texting and talking on the phone (this was less than a week ago). We had pretty good conversations, laughed a lot, etc. She was the one initiating a lot of the phone calls. We also swapped several pictures too.

At one point, she asked what I was looking for, and I was honest, said that I had just gotten out of a relationship, and was really just looking to make some new friends (and if things felt right, I'd be open to more). She seemed okay with that. Anyway, long story short, she invited me over to her place last night to watch Game 7 of the World Series (this was our first in-person meeting).

When I got there, she didn't talk much and seemed really tired. I was there for maybe an hour, and I asked her if she was tired. She said yeah, but she'd see how she felt in a few innings. Soon, she asked what I was doing today and if I wanted to hang out, and I told her that I didn't have any firm plans and would like to. She said she'd call me after she woke up (she works at a preschool with kids all week long, and Saturdays are her days to sleep in). Anyway, we left, but it was kind of awkward, because I really didn't know how to act. I felt like I was trying to carry a conversation, and she really wasn't reciprocating.

I'm not sure if she decided she wasn't interested (though she acted like that from the moment she opened the door, so that wouldn't seem fair to make that call that quickly after really enjoying talking to each other on the phone). I don't think the pictures I gave her were any different than what I look like either.

Anyway, she hasn't called today, and I did send her a text two hours ago, asking if she still wanted to hang out today; she hasn't replied to that.

I'm not sure what the deal is, especially considering that I made it clear what I was looking for (primarily friends, with the potential for more if things feel right), so I'm not sure why you wouldn't give someone the benefit of the doubt (even if you decided you weren't attracted to them romantically). She didn't seem like the type to do that either, so if that's the case, I'm pretty disappointed, because she seemed pretty cool and fun otherwise.

Am I overreacting, or did she flake out? If it's the latter, I can see why I didn't do the online thing before now...


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  • Mabye she's having a busy week, and she was tired on your date. But if there is no response from her after your texts, then send one last text stating: you were looking forward to the date you had with her, but she made it seem like she was uninterested, therefore you'll just keep your other options open. Then leave her with that...


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  • I don't think it would be personal thing. I know with myself when I've had a hectic week, sometimes I just can't be bothered being social and ignore the world until I feel better. She could be the same.

    I'd suggest waiting until tomorrow and then calling her just to see how she is.

  • well, you said that you wernt looking for a relationship and I'm sure she was. so I bet she felt that there was no point of hanging out with a friend if they arnt intresting in a relationship. if she wanted a friend, she would find one offline. and if she wanted a boyfriend she would go on an ONLINE DATING WEBSITE.


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