Is girl annoyed by my texts?

I met this girl but the problem is, she is a student whereas I am working. This means that I will have little to no contact with anything but texts or phone calls or something. However, we've only gone on one date so far, so I don't know how often I should be texting or contacting her.

I don't think she likes me that much right now, but I'm sure that if we got to know each other a bit better, we would definitely be cool together.

But I'm not sure if I'm just sounding annoying by texting her or she actually enjoys my texts. When I text her, she responds usually, but not always right away(sometimes it might even be a day later). She APPEARS to be interested in what I talk to her about and stuff but I don't know if she responds just to be friendly. Usually it is her that ends conversations, but that could be because I tend to try and prolong conversations... I don't know if she is responding to me because she is genuinely interested or just trying to be nice by responding.

She is a hard worker at school and is usually busy with school stuff and she always works whenever she isn't at school, so asking to hang out is not always successful due to conflicting events.

Now I'm not asking whether or not she likes me, because I am pretty sure that even if she had feelings for me, they are probably nowhere as strong as mine for her. I want to build a familiarity between us first so that she will be willing to get to know me better first, and will open up with me more. I just don't want to go too fast and ruin this.


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  • I see some familiar stuff there. I have almost the exact same scenario, except for how long it takes to answer. With the girl I'm talking about it takes max 4 hours and that's just because she's constantly busy for school, and she has nearly no free time anymore except for during the weekends, and even then it's limited.

    From what I'm reading she doesn't have feelings for you at the moment, get to know her a bit more, let her get to know you more as well. Are you always the first to initiate texting? If yes, then try to not text her for a few days and see if she texts you. Take your time and try to build it up, don't text her every day, be busy yourself and it might just come automatically!

    I text(ed) nearly every day with the girl I was talking about and we both started conversations now and then, but she turned out only liking me as a friend even though she showed a lot of sings that she liked me as more than a friend. Now we're 2 months later than the day I've told her how I felt for her and we're still good friends. Just be patient, try to build it up and don't be too pushy :)

    • She has initiated texting before. However, depending on how you want to interpret it, it can mean different things. It can either mean that she merely wanted to say "don't worry, it's not bothering me that you're texting me," you know, kind of as a friendly gesture, or something else.

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  • You shouldn't prolong the texts. When you text her, be the one to end the conversations sometimes. It's better. I don't know how often you text her a day, but I know that if I am first getting to know someone, unless I really like them I won't respond to their texts right away. At times it gets annoying when you text someone 24/7. Is she ever the first to text u? If so, she's probably interested in you, bored, or texting you as a friend. If not, I would say that that's not good at all. Plus, with school, she is probably really really busy. Wait it out I guess. If you're still unsure later on, it doesn't hurt to ask her what it is that you two are & what her feelings are towards u.

    • she has texted me first before, but usually I am the one to start texts. but it might have just been her way of saying that having me text her is okay or something.

      and I don't text her 24/7. I was starting to do that early on when I first met her, but I realized I was being over-obsessive and so I stopped for a while and control myself a bit more. usually it is ever other day or so.

      and she is really busy! all-nighters to finish schoolwork are not uncommon and she works whenever she free

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  • You didn't describe how she was on the "date". I know for a fact that most of the time if a girl is interested she will make time to see you. So if it doesn't seem like she ever tries that hard then I really don't know how she feels. Plus MOST of the time a girl will know she's interested in you the first time she sees you or gets to know. If she's interested she wants to keep seeing you and getting to know you. Her attraction DOES NOT USUALLY grow on her.

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