Giving a girl your number?

Guy #1 gave me his number, I call him, he returns my call but when I answer I can hear no one respond

Why are guys happily giving me their numbers(I know talk to these guys for a while) Yet not responding when I call or text?

Guy#2 he happily gave me his number said he would help me workout, I don't know if he is going to do me the same way, but I have experienced this before lots of times


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  • some guys are a**holes, others will not be a**holes. Just keep persevering through the a**holes till you find the decent one.


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  • Guy #1: He sounds nervous or has an issue with his phones. I would try a few more times, if no response then don't call again till he calls himself.

    Guy #2 : Well time will tell, you can just be patient. IF he claims he's going to help you workout, it sounds like he eventually has to talk to you to fulfill his end of the bargain.

    Like I said time will tell.

  • Idk..maybe they just dot want to talk..good Q though I do that a lot. I give girls my number but I never answer when they call. but if they give me theirs and I actually want to talk to them then I will call them. Next time just give them your number instead

    • you sound like a douchebag

    • lol. you ask me to answer your Q then you insult me. I'm just telling you the truth

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