Internet Meeting. Then talking online?

So I went on a dating site, saw a girl's profile, dating site you have to pay to chat, so I searched her on Facebook and found her, she accepted the request and we talked each night one week, and we even got to a webcam convo twice,


I send messages, hello, or even questions sometimes, and there not answered after one week of talking. Has she lost interest, also to mention I am still her Facebook friend.


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  • she lost interest

    ps how do you find her on fb considering she most likely only gave her first name? stalker much?

    • 1. She doesn`t have a common first name.

      2. I typed it in and the profile pictures matched from both sites.

      Also I told her I was risking myself by looking stalkish but she didn`t care so that`s good.

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  • It could mean a lot of things, from her not being interested to her being busy. But don't think too much into it just yet, keep your hopes up high and maybe she will answer the following week or so.

  • She may be busy or lost interest, there is no way to tell. sorry=( All I can say is give her some time and see where things go.


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