Haven't had a girlfriend?

All my friends and every one in my school has had or has a girlfriend. I think they have found out that I don't and now think I am homosexual or something. What to do?

I don't want to ask out anyone from my school because then everyone will find out I have no experience. And secondly I don't even have enough money to ask someone out.

I'm 21.


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  • I assure you not everyone in your school has been in a relationship. If that's the case then your school must be extremely small. Just wait until you find someone you like and ask them out. Don't rush things. :)

    • I have seen a lot of women I like, but I'm afraid to ask them out.

    • Just take a chance, you only live once!

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  • Seriously bro, not to sound like a douche but you need to man the f-ck up and get a b-tch already, if I was your friends I'd be trying to get you hooked up

    you need to work on the money then

    • Impossible for me to get more money because I have to study and there are not any better work options.

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    • I didn't say that, but you'll figure something out, it doesn't have to be criminal, just keep your eyes open for opportunities and trust me the solution will come to you ;)

    • Very unlikely that I find a better job.

  • Dude stick to school. Women come last, who cares what your friends think, but next time keep your personal stuff to yourself.