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How to tell him goodbye?

I'm Not Good At Telling Him Good-Bye - Esspecially After He Has Made Me Feel Like Second Place

So I started see this guy around this time last year, and he was great we hung out and what not but he was flaky and had a time consuming job - so I didn't get to see him often...he also had a tendency of calling me drunk early in the morning (3/4 am)... one thing led to anther and we stopped seeing each other. A few weeks ago out of the blue he started talking to me over Facebook again, and we go to flirting and what not and I suggested that we see each other again. So we went out for drinks and it was great and we flirted and kissed at the end of our date - and I thought that maybe he had changed and that he wouldn't b so flaky. Anyways, Me and my friends were planning to go out one night and I asked if he wanted to come with - he said no, but maybe a late movie... he had to work, which I thought was weird because he now has his own business, later that day my friends changed plans so I asked if he was still up for the movie... he replied with 'maybe, my roommate might want to go out later' - which again threw me off, and kinda pissed me off cause if you liked a person wouldn't you pick a sure of hanging out with them over a "maybe" night with your roommate? Any ways later that same day at 10pm he texted me if I still wanted him to come over, I said no cause by that point I wasn't in the mood, and was starting to think that he only wanted to see me at his convince when other things didn't follow through, and he had gone back to drunk calling me - which I don't mind... if you're a good friend and I know you well enough to tell you to bugger off...I am now at the point where I really don't want anything to do with him anymore, but am the kind of girl who hates confrontation, and people being mad at me, or even making people upset - I really don't like it...i'm not sensitive, l I just really don't like those feelings...really who does? I also feel at this point that I have led him on too far... I just don't know what to do or how to tell him I don't want to be with him without sounding like a bitch, and as cheap as it is I really don't feel like seeing him, or calling him to do this, cause really he hasn't earned that ... has he? I don't know... I'm just confused, feel like second place to him because I only see him when he wants us to b together... I just need HONEST non-biast opinion on this whole situation - even more so how to tell him good-bye...
How to tell him goodbye?
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