Dating problems, advice?

After 7 months of dating, he said during an argument : I don't own you anything.

To me, this sounds like : althought we sleep together, I do not respect you enough to treat you like I would treat my best friend.

so, I'm leaving.

how should I leave being the mature one ? I usually put up a fight and scream, but I am now looking to improve myself in all my relationships, this one included.

what's the best way to make him understand I thought I was at least his friend...


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  • Best thing to do , is to reply to that with, " don't flatter yourself, you have nothing worth wanting anyway" and just leave, this will establish who is mature and who is still the child,x

  • in love you should not owe each other anything. you do things because you love each other , not because you have to ;-)

    but this one sentence could n't be the only reason why you leave , so how to leave mature : just be calm and serene , block of you feelings for the 15-30-45 min you break up :) sounds wrong to block out the feelings but otherwise there will flame up an argument or crying and yelling etc ...


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