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He kissed me?

There's this guy in my school, with whom I've been chatting since a year...We're both 16 and we starting hanging out a couple months ago. He has girlfriend, so I didn't expect much...But actually I really like him. So, last week he wanted to see me and we met at like 8:30pm. He brought a friend and we got some drinks. Everyone was really drunk and by the time we were on our way home, the guy I like wanted to bring me home. When we arrived in front of my house he asked me if we wanted to sit down, I nodded and we went a couple of houses further to sit down. I think he already wanted to make out on the stairs but I wasn't really feeling it so we just talked about random stuff. After 5 minutes he wanted to stand up and bring me back to my house, when we got there he leaned into the fence and I told him that I had to leave. He didn't want me to and I hugged him. I was really drunk and didn't feel a thing. A couple of moments later he moved his head into mine and we made out for like 15 minutes. In between he whispered in my ear that he had wanted this since like forever and that it would be hard to hide. I told him that it's not alright, he asked me why but I didn't want to talk about his girlfriend so I just enjoyed the kiss. Long story short, he texted me that night and the day after and said he thought the kiss was very nice and that we should meet again during the week and that he misses me. We met the day after and everything seemed normal again, like nothing happened. I couldn't imagine that he had forgotten about yesterday but maybe it was because there were other people we knew at the place we chilled. Now it's Sunday and I haven't heard from him since Friday night. I'm brought up and confused. I seriously don't know what to do. I feel like I have some feelings for him but I can't figure out if he has feelings for me too, because once we talk about that topic he tells me that I'm special and that he'd like to know me better. On the other hand he has a girlfriend. Help!
He kissed me?
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