HELP!!!! I need advice should I text him?

i like this guy & we have kissed before my questipn guys/girls I want to ask him if he only likes me as a friend I want to text him or is it better to do it over the phone or person,i just rather do it by text because I am super shy any suggestions? & will it be wrong to text him? instead of doing it in person.

its just killing me & I wanna know so I can move on please help!


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  • Well its always better to do things in person because you get to observe the person's body language. But if you feel super shy, ask him through text or over the phone. That way he doesn't get to observe your body language if he tells you disappointing news.

  • It's always better in person. Don't ask him if he likes you, yet say it first and see if he will say it too :)

    • ok you are so right! thank you but just scared of rejection , but then I will never know & how should I start? like oh hey I'm starting to like you or I enjoy spending time with u? what's better

    • "I like to spend time with you.", "You make me feel good/happy." "I like you", etc.. :)