Hw long do rebound relationships last?

My ex boyfriend of a few months started dating a girl shortly after we broke up. Over time he and I started communicating and hanging out.

He doesn't seem to happy with his current relationship and doesn't really talk about it with me (which is okay and I don't ask) or with any of his friends.

So why is he still with her? Is he confused about us and she's an easy distraction?


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  • they last as long as they need to

    • yeah, that's the frustrating answer to the question.

    • how about this one: there is a 100% chance it will last precisely 17 days 21 hours and 32 minutes.

    • oh, that's good! thanks for making me laugh!

  • Are you confused about them, that's the question. There is a possibility he's playing you both right now. He doesn't "seem" to happy, that doesn't mean he's leaving her. Find out what his intentions are with you, or you could be hurt in the end.

    • So confused by them. He spends so much of his free time with me, talks about things we should do in the future, cares about what's going on in my life, takes me out to eat (his treat), flirts with me, then minute I need something, he drops everything...its like we are dating.

      Hes friends with other girls and he doesn't put nearly enough energy into them as he does with me. He talks about me more with his friends then he does about her.

    • ok, that's good thing but it isn't a great thing until he drops her and you are back together. You have to lay down the law, ask when you going to be exclusive again because he is giving you sign's that's what he want's. Remember you are the sheriff, if he wants you then the law will be easy not to break.

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