Guys, what do you do if a girl texts you?

If a girl you don't know that well sends you a text saying that she wants to go out with you, would you be surprised/flattered?

If you're not interested do you continue texting with her and would you go out with her just to be nice?


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  • All guys are different and unique. Some guys will just be 'nice' to her and hang out as friends.

    Other guys, like myself, who have no interest in the girl in question, will not even bother to make attempts to hang out and get to know her.

    If I do find her attractive, and has a good personality, it's totally on.

  • I can only be nice to people I like , I'm quite to the point when I don't like them =D

    • so would you completely ignore her or just come up with an excuse?

    • I would tell her that I don't like her in that way , and she would probably text me ' ooh but I didn't ment it that way ' and then I say ' oh OK , no problem ' and we just stay friends or we forget the whole thing. I never ignore something , that's just rude and I hate it when people ignore me :D

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